The latest in the Barefoot Times series by Jeff Pages


“Plight of the Tivinel” to be published

Plight of the Tivinel, the next book in the series, has been accepted by Zeus Publications for publication. The first part of the story follows directly on from the epilogue of Cry of the Bunyips, while the rest is set five years along the main time line in 2071, with Joel, just turning eighteen, finding himself embroiled in romance, adventure and dire peril. I expect it’ll be in print around the middle of 2015, depending on what’s ahead of it in the various production and printing queues.

There’s a preview along with a forward by Joel and other background material at

The Next Book

Fear not, dear followers, for the next book in the series is well underway and I expect to have the first draft finished in a few months. For a sneak preview, check out .