The latest in the Barefoot Times series by Jeff Pages

Joel’s World

Joel’s World – the search for David

In the final instalment of this prelude to Cry of the Bunyips, the mystery deepens as clues to David’s disappearance are found amongst the bulrushes. And what has become of Joel? Go to the Joel’s World page on this blog to find out.

Joel’s World – the rippling pond

With the ongoing delay to the book’s release, I’ve decided to break the Joel’s World conclusion into two parts, while going further into the novel than I’d originally intended. Go to the Joel’s World page to follow all the action as our heroes venture into the bunyip’s lair.

Joel’s World – itchy feet

Joel is about to head off with the Collins family for their holiday in south-eastern Victoria, but he must first endure his dreaded trip to the shoe shop. Are his barefooting days about to end? And what lies in store for them in the swamps of the Bunyip State Park?

Go to the Joel’s World page to read this penultimate episode in the prelude to Cry of the Bunyips.

Joel’s World – birthday surprises

It’s the twins David and Loraine’s birthday but Joel gets the surprises in the latest episode of the Joel’s World prelude to Cry of the Bunyips.

The book itself is finally with the printers and is now expected to be released in mid October.