The latest in the Barefoot Times series by Jeff Pages

About – Cry of the Bunyips

Cornipean bunyips are small placid animals, popular as pets throughout the Meridian Empire. Frizian honey is their weakness though, a trait exploited in the outlawed sport of bunyip-baiting where just a mouthful makes them fight to the death.

On Earth, their mythical namesakes haunt the swamps of south-eastern Australia, devouring anyone straying too close at night. But are they connected in more than just name?

For Joel Morison, a quiet holiday with the Collins family in Victoria’s Bunyip State Park goes horribly wrong when twelve-year-old David disappears while bushwalking. In attempting to find him, they become pawns in a conspiracy dating back to the first settlement of Cornipus and the secret annihilation of that world’s indigenous people.

Set two years after The Mind of the Dolphins, this story continues the adventure begun with Barefoot Times and Call of the Delphinidae.


Zeus Publications


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